Independent Sector Podcasts

Independent Sector Podcasts

Independent Sector currently has two podcasts offering platforms for leaders in the charitable community to have conversations and learn about the issues that matter to anyone advancing the common good or strengthening civil society.

Voices for Good

Voices for Good, Independent Sector’s policy podcast for nonprofits, foundations, and anyone advancing the common good. The hosts of Voices for Good are Kristina Gawrgy Campbell, Allison Grayson, and Ben Kershaw, directors in Independent Sector communications and public policy teams.

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Civil Renewal

Civil Renewal is Independent Sector’s podcast about the role, meaning, and future of civil society. Dan Cardinali, president and CEO of Independent Sector is the host of Civil Renewal and each episode he speaks to another charitable sector leader or practitioner about articles written for Civil Society in the 21st Century, a thought leadership series of Independent Sector and the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

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Upswell Podcast 

All changemakers are addressing social challenges — like the environment, or youth development, or homelessness. But each changemaker is unique, and concerns or circumstances that are specific to the communities they serve may or may not make how they address their community’s challenges unique, too. How do our similarities and differences connect changemakers and the work they do? This podcast is powered by Independent Sector through support from the Skillman Foundation.

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Disclaimer: Independent Sector values and encourages the representation of various opinions and points of view as part of our podcasts. The diverse views of our guests may not necessarily reflect those of IS or its member organizations.


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