Civil Renewal Podcast

Civil Renewal is an Independent Sector’s podcast about the role, meaning, and future of civil society. Each episode, Independent Sector President and CEO Dan Cardinali invites a sector leader to address the major themes and ideas brought up in the new thought leadership series, Civil Society for the 21st Century, launched by Independent Sector and Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR).

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Season 1

E2: Finding Hope in the American South
In this episode, Dan Cardinali joins Janine Lee, president and CEO of the Southeastern Council of Foundations, for a discussion about the values of civil society with particular focus on the American south. They also take a deep dive into David Brooks’ piece in Stanford Social Innovation Review, “Looking to Civil Society for the Values that Shape a Culture,” and Janine shares the one issue she thinks we need to tackle in the next five years. Learn  more about this episode.

E1: Adaptive Challenges for Civil Society
In the first episode of Civil Renewal, Dan Cardinali speaks with Eric Nee, managing editor of the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) about the recent launch of Civil Society for the 21st Century, a thought leadership series Independent Sector and SSIR. Dan and Eric specifically talk about the adaptive challenges we all need to meet for a healthy and strong civil society. Learn more about this episode.


About the Host

Dan Cardinali is the president and CEO of Independent Sector. He believes strongly in the power of nonprofits, foundations, and other organizations to work collaboratively to improve life and the environment for individuals and communities around the world.

Disclaimer: Independent Sector values and encourages the representation of various opinions and points of view as part of our podcasts. The diverse views of our guests may not necessarily reflect those of IS or its member organizations.

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