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Nonprofits 9 to 5: Nonprofit Workforce and Nonprofits as Employers

Nonprofit sector workers have a shared sense of pride, but also shared grievances and the desire for systemic change. The demographics of the nonprofit workforce are changing, workers are experiencing burnout, and rethinking their expectations around meaningful work. Despite the impressive size and impact of the nonprofit workforce, we are often invisible to policymakers. The sector needs to better understand our own human capital needs to advocate for the best policies.  

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Featured papers:

  • “Precarious Professionals: The Impact of Neoliberalism on the Workforce of the Nonprofit Human Service Sector,” by Cheryl Hyde, Temple University
  • “The Myth of Agency,” by Carrie Oelberger, University of Minnesota
  • “’Beyond Psychic Income’: An Exploration of Public Policy Interventions to Address Work-Life Balance, Burnout, and Precarity in Contemporary Nonprofit Work,” by Robbie Robichau, Texas A&M University; Billie Sandberg, Portland State University; and Andrew Russo, Portland State University
  • “Policy Intervention for Stemming the Reproduction of Employment Inequities by Embedding Inclusive Practices in Nonprofit Organizations,” by Ruth Bernstein, Pepperdine University & Paul Salipante, Case Western Reserve University
  • “What Millennials Want in Nonprofit Workplaces,” by Samantha Plotner, University of Illinois Chicago
  • “The Recent College Graduate to Non-Profits Pipeline: Opportunities and Challenges,” by Michael Ringenbach, Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts

Public Policy Agenda for the 2020 Election

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Nonprofits in Public Policy: Challenges and Opportunities

Symposium Summary


Toward an Index of a Healthy U.S. Nonprofit Sector

Read the Symposium Summary and Nonprofit Policy Forum Special Issue for more information.


Partnership Acknowledgement

Independent Sector is pleased to partner to convene the symposium with the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA), a diverse community of scholars, educators, and practice leaders who work to strengthen the field of charity, nonprofit, and philanthropic research to improve civil society and human life; and Nonprofit Policy Forum, an open-access academic journal that publishes original research and analysis on public policy issues and the public policy process critical to the work of nonprofit organizations.