About the Tour

Since its founding, Independent Sector has been the “vital meeting ground” for leaders in the nonprofit and philanthropic sector. The Listening Tour served as the latest and most interactive way for us to share meeting space for intimate conversations between Independent Sector leadership and sector leaders across the country. At each event, we listened and took stock of where the sector has been, to inform our strategic planning for future initiatives. 

Listening Tour Round Up

To learn about the insights Dr. Watkins’ gained during her time on the road, enjoy a recap of her in-person and virtual Listening Tour stops.

Chicago, IL
(May 18, 2023)
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New York, NY
(June 22, 2023)
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Atlanta, GA
(July 27, 2023)
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Minneapolis, MN
(Sept. 7, 2023)
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Dallas, TX
(Sept. 26, 2023)
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Seattle, WA
(Oct. 20, 2023)
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Phoenix, AZ
(Feb. 23, 2024)
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Los Angeles, CA
(Feb. 26, 2024)
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Washington, DC
(Mar. 12, 2024)