Data Privacy and Artificial Intelligence Resources for Nonprofits

Data Privacy and Artificial Intelligence Resources for Nonprofits

Data privacy considerations and how they intersect with developments in artificial intelligence (AI) should be critical concerns in an organization’s strategic management — including nonprofits. Recognized as among the most trusted institutions by the American people, nonprofits are responsible for maintaining policies and protocols that guarantee that our networks’ data are protected and treated with transparency. Protecting personal data is a central element in maintaining the trust of our constituents.

Given the challenges that the charitable sector faces — such as limited resources, a workforce shortage, and the increasing demand for services — AI presents an opportunity to boost operational efficiency and service quality. However, using AI in our organizations requires a strategic approach that not only helps our workforce understand how to use this technology, but also provides guidance on addressing potential risks — such as data privacy breaches, algorithmic biases, intellectual property violations, among others.

Independent Sector is closely following and analyzing AI and data privacy developments, and we’re making available these resources to help charitable organizations navigate the complexities of data privacy and AI regulations. These resources can help facilitate informed dialogue about how to adopt this technology and the regulatory frameworks that could shape it.

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