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Take Action on the Issues that Impact the Entire Charitable Community

Step 1: Learn more on three issues being debated in Congress and with the Administration.

  • Current tax proposals would decrease charitable giving by up to $13 billion, but expanding the charitable deduction is a win for all Americans. Expanding the charitable deduction to 100% of American taxpayers would erase the $13.1 billion deficit caused by current tax reform proposals and result in a $4.8 billion net increase in giving. Learn more about the charitable deduction and through
  • Repealing the Johnson Amendment threatens the public’s trust and investment in charities. The Johnson Amendment has served for 60 years as a safeguard against the political entanglements that have eroded public trust in so many American institutions. Learn more about the Johnson Amendment.
  • The Trump Administration’s Budget includes deep cuts to important community programs. The proposed cuts negatively affect nonprofit organizations, our capacity to pursue our missions, and the communities and individuals we serve. Read the IS statement on the budget.

Step 2: Read and copy this email

The 1.6 million churches, food banks, and cultural centers that make up the charitable sector in the United States play a critical role in our communities and economy. Nonprofits inspire citizens to invest billions of private dollars in their communities, implement government programs, and serve as the third largest industry employing our nation’s workforce.

Unfortunately, Congress is considering proposals that could negatively impact our sector’s ability to serve our communities:

  1. Tax reform proposals to increase the standard deduction and lower rates unintentionally reduce giving by $13 billion per year. However, expanding the charitable deduction to all taxpayers is a fair, simple solution that more than makes up for the loss of giving.
  2. Repealing the Johnson Amendment threatens the public’s trust in charities to advance the common good free from political pressure.
  3. Deep cuts budget cuts proposed in President Trumps FY2018 budget hurt charities, our capacity to pursue our missions, and the communities that we serve.

I stand with over 70% of American voters who support expanding the charitable deduction to all taxpayers and preserving the Johnson Amendment. I also urge Congress to ensure that our federal fiscal priorities lift up all individuals, families, and communities.

Step 3: Email your Members of Congress.

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