The NIC's Three Core Focus Areas

  • Representation and Voice – Advance public policies that ensure that the nonprofit sector has growing and permanent representation and voice across the federal government

  • Healthy and Equitable Organizations – Build capacity (financial, workforce/volunteer, advocacy) of nonprofits to advance their missions and model equitable practices

  • A Conducive Enabling Environment – Enable a healthy environment in which nonprofits operate to support their missions and their work.

Interested in Joining the NIC?

Any nonprofit organization committed to mobilizing in support of policies that build a healthier, more equitable nonprofit sector is welcome to explore and join the NIC. There are no fees or Independent Sector membership requirements needed to join. The coalition meets virtually once a month and keeps it a “light lift” for  members.

If you’re interested in learning more, please complete this interest form, then Jeff Moore and Ronda Jackson will schedule an informational call.

We will always be stronger with you than without you.
We hope you’ll consider joining the Nonprofit Infrastructure Coalition.

Representation and Voice

This lack of representation and voice has consequences — especially when federal policies are created that impact nonprofits and the communities we serve. When the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was created in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, there was no one “at the table” to caution that administering PPP through the Small Business Administration with an application form well-suited for business, but not nonprofits, could problematic. Despite the overall success of PPP, many nonprofits were left out of line.

Our priority policy requests in representation and voice are:

  • Call upon both the Biden Administration and the Congress to create an Office on the Nonprofit Sector within the Executive Branch

  • Ensure that nonprofits – and the communities we serve – are healthy, equitable, and have a “seat at the table” in the policy process.

  • Refine rules for nonprofits to engage in advocacy, lobbying, and nonpartisan civic activities

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