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Civic Infrastructure

Infrastructure must be about the civic underpinnings of our society – charitable giving, volunteering, national service, advocacy and voting. These are the practices that knit the fabric of our communities and our nation and create the conditions for societal change.

Our priority policy requests in civic infrastructure are:

  • Build the capacity and representation of nonprofit institutions
  • Strengthen the capacity of the volunteer force in the United States to respond to national crises
  • Ensure robust and reliable federal funding for an expanded vision of national service in the U.S.
  • Improve access to, and oversight of, national fundraising by nonprofits
  • Improve voter accessibility while maintaining secure elections

Critical National Infrastructure

The nation is dependent upon transportation and power systems, among others, that are critical to our daily lives and to the functioning of our economy. The charitable nonprofit sector is also dependent upon critical national infrastructure – such as information technology and the United States Postal Service – to advance its many missions. But, as we know, when federal legislators debate infrastructure spending, they are focused on roads and bridges, not on our sector. We know from experience that prioritizing nonprofit organizations in any future infrastructure package is a proven way to create jobs and strengthen our communities and our economy.

Our priority policy requests in critical national infrastructure are:

  • Ensure digital access for all
  • Build nonprofits’ technical and skill-based technology capacity
  • Prioritize public and civil society interests in digital infrastructure
  • Upgrade energy efficiency of homes and nonprofit buildings
  • Support clean, healthy, and equitable transit
  • Guarantee safe drinking water
  • Invest in Conservation and Environmental Resilience Jobs
  • Ensure environmentally sustainable infrastructure

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