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Across the United States, the charitable sector generates incredible impact on both communities and economies. This profile is a snapshot of major statistics about Florida’s charitable community. It’s designed to give you a broad sense of the scale and diversity of nonprofits, foundations, and charities across the state. A downloadable PDF version is available above.

Number of Florida Nonprofit Organizations

  • All nonprofit organizations: 69,310
  • 501(c)(3) Public Charities (includes some religious organizations): 50,655
  • 501(c)(3) Private and Public Foundations: 5,690
  • Other 501(c) Nonprofit Organizations*: 12,695
    * includes civic leagues, chamber of commerce, veterans organizations, etc

Economic Impact of the Florida Nonprofit Sector

  • Employs 534,116 people, 6.2% of the state’s workforce
  • Generates nearly $90 billion in annual revenues
  • Holds assets of nearly $206 billion
  • Florida foundations annually give over $1.7 billion
  • Floridians give $11.1 billion to charity each year, representing 3.4 percent of household income

Public Charities and Foundations Benefit Florida Communities

Deliver vital community services

  • The Florida Cultural Alliance (FCA)is a not-for-profit organization created in 1983. Its purpose is to develop an informed and engaged statewide non-partisan advocacy network among arts and culture organizations, individuals, businesses, and local, state, and federal policymakers and staff. Together, these leaders work more collaboratively and strategically to secure funding and policies to move arts, arts education, and culture forward throughout Florida communities to make these arts and cultural experiences more accessible to more people.

Advance solutions for challenges facing society

  • The St. Petersburg Free Clinic’s Walk-In-Now program, sponsored in part by Allegany Franciscan Ministries, aims to reduce the number of emergency room visits in area hospitals by providing quality clinical care, prescription assistance, and health education services to low-income residents. Within months of the program’s launch, the clinic served nearly 3,000 patients, with a monthly average of 293 visits.

Contribute to youth development

  • The Children’s Movement of Florida is a non-partisan grassroots movement of Floridians insisting on increased investment in the first five years of all children’s lives. ReadingPals offers programs in 26 counties via 17 local United Ways and other community partners, with opportunities in more than 200 schools and childcare centers around the state. Every year, they provide over 3,000 students with a mentor, engaging 2,300 volunteers.

Provide Jobs to People with Disabilities and Special Needs

  • Goodwill Industries of South Florida is a nonprofit organization with a social mission that provides training, employment and job placement for people with disabilities. In 2018, they served 6,888 people and placed 1,505 in employment opportunities both in the community and inside of Goodwill.


Note: The “nonprofit sector” encompasses organizations that are defined as tax-exempt under section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code. This includes both public charities and private foundations [501(c)(3)] and other nonprofits such as civic league organizations [501(c)(4)]. Exceptions are noted when relevant.

Employment Information

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Asset and Revenues

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Individual Giving

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Nonprofit examples:

Florida Cultural Alliance:

Allegany Franciscan Ministries:

Children’s Movement in Florida:

Goodwill of Southern Florida:

As of August 2019

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