Independent Sector Code of Ethics

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Adherence to the law is only a minimum standard of expected behavior. As a matter of principle, Independent Sector is duty-bound to adhere to the highest ethical standards because it is the right thing to do. Transparency, integrity and accountability form a moral framework that constitute the foundation of ethics. Independent Sector recognizes such a standard, not in passive observance, but as a set of dynamic principles guiding our conduct, work and “way of proceeding.” It shall be the responsibility of Independent Sector’s Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers to carry out our mission according to this Code of Ethics.

The keystone of how Independent Sector conducts our work is integrity. Independent Sector’s Board of Directors, staff and volunteers shall execute their work with fidelity to the public, our members, and communities we serve; and engage with respect, fairness and impartiality to all. IS shall embrace the spirit of the law. Transparency, openness, and responsiveness to community concerns shall be integral to each and everyone involved with and working at IS. It shall be our obligation to ensure our work, beliefs and values benefit humanity to realize Independent Sector’s ultimate vision, that all people thrive.

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