Intersector Case Study: Reducing the Risks of Catastrophic Wildfires in Flagstaff


Many of the resources in this list focus on cross sector collaborations that are aiming to change social outcomes. However, cross sector collaboration can also be a model for addressing complex problems with infrastructure and the natural environment.

This case study focuses on how the Federal, state, and local government, along with the Navajo Nation, private landowners, local nonprofits, and Northern Arizona University, came together to develop a strategy to mitigate forest fires and their impact on the water supply of the local community. Together they created the Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project (FWPP), the first forest restoration project in National Forests to be funded primarily through municipal bonds.

Bonus: This case study is one of over 40 that the Intersector Project has developed for its case study library. All the cases have a similar format looking at the example through the story, the collaboration, the leadership capacities of a key practitioner, the process of the collaboration, and its result. The library features cases on community revitalization, education, environmental conservation, health and wellbeing, and infrastructure.

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