From Intention to Action: Building Diverse, Inclusive Teams in Education to Deepen Impact


This report evaluates the common disconnect between an organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion and what they are doing to make that commitment a reality. Specifically, the report looks at the representation of people of color at the leadership and staff levels of educational nonprofits. Their findings reinforce the common fact that a gap exists in hiring and promoting people of color to serve at the director and above levels. It also highlights that many staff inside of these organizations believe that their organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is on paper only. It offers both qualitative and quantitative evidence to support these and other findings. While these findings stem from educational nonprofits, they mirror findings across the social sector.

This report also provides specific and measurable practices that organizations can use to further their staff-related diversity and inclusion efforts. It encourages discussions, actions, and more importantly accountability throughout an organization in order to fully incorporate diversity and inclusion. This report reinforces the current and urgent need for nonprofits to do this work.

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