Engaging Voters

Your mission might not be directly related to advocacy or elections — but it’s still critical for your organization to have a voter engagement plan. Here’s why:

Candidates and elected officials typically focus on issues raised by their voters.  If you want elected officials to take your mission — whatever it might be — and the people you serve seriously, you need to make sure your stakeholders get out and vote!  Your staff, volunteers, donors, and constituents are experts on why your issues are important to your community.  By voting, they hold elected officials accountable and ensure their voices will be heard in the policy process.

Now for the best news about nonpartisan voter engagement: nonprofits deliver the greatest results!  Research shows that nonprofits are highly successful and trusted when it comes to registering and educating voters on the issues that are important to their communities. Unfortunately, many nonprofits are unsure of whether they are even permitted to do nonpartisan civic engagement work — and many others don’t know where to begin.

We’ve curated some important resources that can help your nonprofit get started.

Voter Engagement Tools & Resources

Global Topics: Civil Society, Election, Public Policy
Policy Issues: Lobbying & Political Activity, Political Activity Rules
Resource Types: Toolkit