2017: NGen Speaks

2017: NGen Speaks


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NGen Speaks is a podcast series featuring emerging nonprofit leaders grappling with complex, sometimes controversial issues. Each leader brings an authentic voice to the conversation, based on personal views and lived experience. These leaders were selected for the 2017 NGen Fellows program by American Express and Independent Sector, but the views expressed do not necessarily represent those of either organization.

To learn more about the hosts of NGen Speaks, check out the bios of the 2017 NGen Fellows.


NGen Speaks: Leadership Rooted in Community (December 15, 2017)
Kashif Shaikh, Lisa Fasolo Frishman, and Paul Daugherty discuss the importance of engaging community in creating and implementing solutions to social challenges. Learn more about this episode.

NGen Speaks: Who Gets to Lead? (December 18, 2017)
Ivan Canada, Neesha Modi, and Abby Sienkowicz discuss key findings from Building Movement Project’s Race to Lead report, and compare it to their own experiences working in the nonprofit sector. Learn more about this episode.

NGen Speaks: Racial Justice (December 19, 2017)
Ola Ojewumi, Jeremie Greer, and Jamie Smith discuss racial injustice, what nonprofit leaders can do to better understand institutional racism, and how they can begin to address it in their own work. Learn more about this episode.

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