American Express NGen Fellows Program

The American Express NGen Fellows program, part of the American Express Leadership Academy, offers a transformative opportunity for changemakers, age 40 and under, to strengthen their leadership capacity, hone their change-making skills, and build connections with some of the social sector’s most influential leaders. Every year the NGen Fellows program selects 12 individuals to participate in a nine-month leadership development program.

The program centers on six core results and by the end of the Fellows experience changemakers will have furthered their practice of adaptive leadership, self-awareness, racial equity, system change, developing a network of peers, and using a results based frame.

Six Core Results

Articulate self-awareness of your purpose, influences, values, leadership styles, assets, and support needs as leaders, and use that awareness to engage and collaborate effectively

Understand how to use a results based, data-driven practice to define impact, develop strategies, measure performance, and be accountable for results

Develop an analysis of system change levers, such as public policy, needed to achieve one’s results, and tools and tactics for moving those levers

Develop a practice of racial equity to analyze and address disparities in terms of the who, what, and how of your social change work

Build adaptive leadership skills to engage difficult conversations; solve sticky, complex problems with others; and manage change

Develop a network of peers who support your leadership and results, and gain access to influential leaders who can support your development and impact

Meet the 2020 Fellows

Christine Balarezo
Collective Liberty
Denton, Texas

Monita Bell
Southern Poverty Law Center
Opelika, Alabama

Janelle Choi
Marguerite Casey Foundation
Seattle, Washington

Roque Diaz
MacPhail Center for Music
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Esther Gross
Child Trends
Bethesda, Maryland

Olivia Jefferson
Greater Twin Cities United Way
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Juvaria Khan
The Appellate Project
Washington, DC

Eric Lopez
Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility
Washington, DC

Selina Pagán
Metro West Community Development Organization
Cleveland, Ohio

Danielle B. Powell
Leadership 18
Alexandria, Virginia

Meghan Shea
Persistent Productions
Rockport, Massachusetts

Lillian Singh
Prosperity Now
Washington, DC

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Projects from Previous Program Years

2019: NGen Fellows / Upswell Chicago

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2018: NGen Fellows / Upswell LA

Our 2018 American Express NGen Fellows program cohort had the opportunity to lead a workshop discussion about retaining next generation leaders of color at Upswell LA on November 14.

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2017: NGen Speaks

NGen Speaks, the 2017 American Express NGen Fellows' project, is a podcast series featuring emerging nonprofit leaders grappling with complex, sometimes controversial issues. Each leader brings an authentic voice to the conversation, based on personal views and lived experience.

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2016: Gender Equity in the Charitable Sector

As part of their collaborative project, the 2016 American Express NGen Fellows wrote Gender Equity in the Charitable Sector, a guide designed to be used to understand the issue of gender equity in the charitable sector, reflect on what gender equity means for the future of the sector, and act from a personal, organizational, and sector-wide level to support and promote gender equity.

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2015: The Necessary Challenge

The 2015 American Express NGen Fellows cohort explores the difference between the belief in transformative innovation both within and through the social sector, and the reality of attempting to create and maintain a culture of innovation in the (mostly) nonprofit space in The Necessary Challenge. The report includes findings and recommendations on how the social sector might mitigate barriers and encourage stronger, more sustainable innovation within the sector.

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2014: Strategies for Talent Diversity

The 2014 American Express NGen Fellows partnered with the National Audubon Society to refine and improve the organization’s diversity and inclusion goals of attracting, retaining and advancing leaders of color. They documented the effort in a case study, Strategies for Talent Diversity

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