William Reeves

Community Policy Organizer
Casa San Jose

William Reeves is the community policy organizer of Casa San Jose, a nonprofit community resource center that advocates for and empowers Latinos by promoting integration and self-sufficiency. William, works with legislators in the region, represents Casa San Jose on local, state and national coalitions and works with the community to support legislation that provides more accessibility to the immigrant community here in southwestern Pennsylvania, enabling  them to become self-sufficient. William graduated from Duquesne University in may of 2021 with a B.A. in Political Science and Spanish.

He worked as a legislative intern for the County legislator, Margaret Cunzio, on the Westchester County Board of Legislators in the summer of 2019. In addition, he served as an intern for the Westchester County Department of Corrections Litigation unit in 2017. William is driven by the fact that his mother is an immigrant from Cuba and that everyone should have the right to achieve the American dream and prosper in the United States regardless of their immigration status. To do so, our first step is to pass legislation that alleviates or  removes the barriers the Latino immigrant population face here in southwestern Pennsylvania.