Shareefah Mason

Associate Dean of Educator Certification
Dallas College

Shareefah Mason has innovative ideas for revolutionizing education, focused on teacher diversity, designing culturally-affirming schools and creating ‘UNimpoverished’ first-generation graduates, attaining college degrees without extreme student debt. She’s a knowledgeable voice in education, with extensive personal and professional experiences. She’s an Associate Dean of Educator Certification at Dallas College and lead author of the trailblazing Teach Plus and Center for Black Educator Development collaboration paper, To Be Who We Are: Black Teachers on Creating Culturally Affirming Schools.

Shareefah is the Executive Producer of the internationally award-winning film, From the Block, emphasizing the impact of Black teachers on ALL students. She’s a former State of Texas Master Teacher and member of the State Board for Educator Certification. She’s an author, writing empowering Op-Eds and books on education. She is revered in the professional development space and has earned numerous local, state and national awards for her work and performance in education.

She is driven by this work because she was an impoverished student in New Orleans, Louisiana. She knows the tremendous impact a quality education has on our most disenfranchised children. Her goal is to provide access to the most exceptional educational experiences for Black and Brown students across the country!