Dania Carter

Heart of Courage

Dania Carter’s Bio Dania Carter is the Founder/CEO of Heart of Courage, a nonprofit organization located in Dallas, TX. Heart of Courage works with mothers from lower socio-economic areas who have a child welfare case.  Frustrated with hearing about the increasing number of children being removed from their homes, especially in minority communities, led Dania to start Heart of Courage.  Dania believes that sometimes all a mother needs is someone to believe in them and walk with them in their journey. Dania’s desire is to give these mothers a voice, so they can advocate for their rights and can began to heal their families and communities by keeping families intact.

Dania is a native Pennsylvania and graduated undergrad at Pennsylvania State University with a BS in Administration of Justice. She later went on to law school and graduated from Widener University Law School in Delaware. She has recently become a member of the Texas Children’s Commission Collaborative Council.

Dania is the proud mother and bonus mother to three children and has recently stepped into the role of Grammy with the birth of her granddaughter. During her down time Dania enjoys book clubs and binge-watching TV shows with her husband.