Cesar Gonzalez


Cesar believes that for the first time in human history we have the real opportunity, the tools and the will to build a world that works for everyone. As CEO of StartingBloc, his lives out this belief by supporting leaders of change to build the skills, the alliances, and the strength they will need to bend the arc of history. Born in Peru and having lived in 15 cities on four continents, he developed a strong global perspective, mastery of three languages, and a deep appreciation of our world’s cultural richness. He was formerly the VP of Fellows and Alumni with the Unreasonable Institute, a social entrepreneur, a dance instructor, and a bicycle touring adventurer. Today, he devotes his attention to his work, his relationships, his local community, and an avid meditation practice. Cesar has a degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the California Institute of Technology, he is an Unreasonable Fellow, a StartingBloc Fellow, and has training and experience as a facilitator and speaker.

Cesar is a finalist for the 2017 American Express NGen Leadership Award.