Bianca Avery

Texas State Coordinator
Campus Vote Project

Louisiana born and Texas raised, Bianca is a voting rights champion, political strategist, and community organizer based out of Dallas, Texas. She is a graduate of Texas A&M University (WHOOP!) and completed her graduate studies in Leadership and Administration from Texas A&M University – Commerce. Bianca has worked on multiple campaigns, initiatives, and programs to increase civic participation especially in communities and groups who have historically faced barriers created to disenfranchise them. She is also the proud mom of three beautiful and inquisitive children Derek Jr., Madison, and Bryce.

What drives her to do what she does? Because there are harms being done to communities through systems and structures that are being upheld by those in positions of power. She believes that we must continue to create change and push loudly across multiple lanes (both inside and outside of electoral politics – from grassroots to grasstops and every place in between) to make systematic impact.  We must both mitigate the harms of today while creating something new to prevent future harms from occurring.