Making Strategic Decisions in the Context of COVID-19

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Monday, August 31, 2020 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM (ET)

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Your organization’s immediate COVID-19 emergency plan is in place. Now what? No one knows how the future will unfold, and it’s easy to feel either paralyzed or swamped by having to make organization-defining choices during a time of such hyper-uncertainty. While it’s common to create best- or worst-case financial forecasts, it’s hard to think about the future in the midst of COVID-19 in a structured way and prepare to create impact across a range of different, plausible futures that might emerge.

That’s where scenario planning comes in.

IS members joined an exclusive scenario planning workshop on Monday, August 31 with the gurus from the Monitor Institute by Deloitte. The workshop provided participants with a clear understanding of powerful tools that can help your organization think about the critical uncertainties of the moment, reckon with the new “certainties” emerging from the pandemic, and think about how your strategies might (or might not) fit the different possible futures.

The session be rooted in the Monitor Institute’s recently released report,

Additional resources by Monitor Institute on making strategic decisions in the context of COVID-19:

Watch the recording: