Advancing racial equity means moving beyond focusing on disparities to developing inclusive and equitable policies that improve society for all. To achieve this, we need to disrupt, challenge, and change the systems in place to build new ones. This includes systems not only in our communities and on a local and national level, but within our own organizations.

Our Speakers

Kerrien Suarez

President and Chief Executive Officer
Equity In The Center

Liz Dozier

Founder and CEO
Chicago Beyond

Dr. Y. “Falami” Devoe

Holistic Human Development Strategist, Public Speaker, Educator, Poet and Self-Care Ritualist

Dr. Cheryl Hall-Russell

President and Chief Cultural Officer of Black Women Wise Women, facilitator

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Main Stage

Care and Joy in Our Work Cultures

The pandemic and its immediate aftermath completely changed the landscape of our working environments. What was once  revolutionary – remote work, four-day work weeks, or a focus on mental health and community care – took hold in our work cultures. Are we still as committed as we were two years ago to embedding care and joy in our workplaces? These national leaders will share their insights and where they see the future of well-being and care practices in our workplace and how these strategies should strengthen our commitment to healthy, equitable, and inclusive organizations.

  • Panelist: Kerrien Suarez, President & CEO, Equity in The Center


  • Panelist: Liz Dozier, Founder & CEO, Chicago Beyond


  • Panelist: Y. Falami Devoe, Ph.D, Holistic Human Development Strategist


  • Moderator: Dr. Cheryl Hall-Russel, President and Chief Cultural Officer of Black Women Wise Women


Supporting our Caring Communities

Trust is the bedrock of community strength and arises when people feel seen and cared for.  This workshop will explore how to build and support an ethic of caring between neighbors. Dylan Tête built Bastion as an intentional community in New Orleans to support veterans suffering from brain trauma and PTSD. Muffy Mendoza created Brown Mamas in Pittsburgh, connecting more than 6500 women to peer support and resources. Rajiv Mehta developed Atlas of Care to study well-being and belonging and has guided corporate executives, health professionals, military commanders, and social activists in recognizing and adopting the fundamentals of care. These community “weavers” – all involved with the Aspen Institute’s Weave: The Social Fabric Project – will share their experience in very different communities and guide participants to explore with each other ways to amplify caring in their communities.

  • Muffy Mendoza: CEO, Brown Mamas from Pittsburgh, PA


  • Rajiv Mehta: CEO, Atlas of Care from Palo Alto, CA


  • Dylan Tête: Founder of Bastion Community of Resilience from New Orleans

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