What Barriers? Insights from Solving Problems through Cross-Sector Partnerships

Alison Gold, Living Cities

What Barriers? offers readers a strategic framework for describing the structures and behaviors of cross-sector partnerships. The “traits” and behavioral “cycles” of partnerships described in the report are not groundbreaking, however they are logically organized, clearly defined, and illustrated with concrete examples from case studies. The report provides stakeholders beginning a new partnership with useful framing and practical language for designing a cross-sector partnership. It can also serve as a useful tool to support a strategic conversation about how an existing cross-sector partnership is structured and doing its work.

Bonus: Living Cities also wrote three case studies applying this framework (on The Partnership for New Communities, Partners for a Competitive Workforce, and the Itasca Project) and also provides free, online assessment tool and discussion guide that stakeholders can use in their own cross-sector partnerships.


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