Universal Giving Call to Action Toolkit

Independent Sector

Not only has the global health and economic crisis led to a decline in giving, it has revealed the consequences of dismantling such an essential safety net. Further incentivizing taxpayers—regardless of their income, equips the charitable nonprofit community with the resources needed to provide vital services to families, workers, and individuals to ensure that our country retains a strong and independent civil society. Congress can and should do more to ensure that charitable organizations achieve their missions and support their workforces during these challenging times. Contact your members of Congress today and share these vital advocacy resources with your personal and professional networks to inspire sector-wide engagement.

Relief4Charities Fact Sheet

Key statistics and talking points that you can share with your network

Call to Action Network Template

Customizable language your network can use to contact members of Congress

Relief4Charities Shareables

Share a graphic with key facts through your social media channels

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