Toolkit for Complex Decision-Making

Toolkit for Complex Decision-Making

Solving complex problems is a challenging undertaking, and decades of research demonstrates that diverse groups are better at problem-solving than homogenous groups with a shared perspective. However, when you bring diverse stakeholders together, an intentionally designed process must be in place to support them in developing a shared understanding of complex problems, identifying potential solutions, and determining the timing and strategies for implementation.

The Toolkit for Complex Decision-Making provides background on different forms of group decision-making, strategies for designing a decision-making process, and using information in a multi-party decision-making process. It also asks a series of strategic questions throughout to help the user in the design of their own complex decision-making process.

Bonus: The Toolkit for Complex Decision-Making is just one of a dozen useful toolkits that the Spark Policy Institute has made available through its Tools for Social Innovators Community Toolbox. Three others that might be of particular interest focus on integrating an equity lens, adaptive planning, and data as a tool for change.


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