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Subject Line: Tell Congress to Support Healthy, Secure Elections, Today!

Issue Summary: Without emergency funding for elections, the COVID-19 pandemic may force Americans to choose between their health and their civil rights. The United States isn’t prepared to handle a safe 2020 election as the COVID-19 pandemic has upended the election process in ways previously unimaginable. To ensure healthy and safe elections Congress quickly must appropriate emergency funding to support mail-in ballots, early voting, additional poll workers, and clean polling places. The integrity of the 2020 election will be determined by your willingness to take action now.


Call-to-Action Email to Individual Advocates:

Dear {Name},

As a constituent, you should never be forced to choose between your health and your ability to exercise your constitutional right to vote. The $400 million authorized in the CARES Act to accommodate voting during the pandemic covered only a small percentage of the funds needed by state and local election officials. Join our efforts to ensure public safety. Urge Congress to allocate $3.6 billion in supplemental funding to guarantee safe and healthy elections.



Optional Thank You Message to Advocate:

Thank you {{contact_first_name}} for supporting the health and safety of our elections! Please share this with your network and encourage them to take action today!


Email/Letter to Member of Congress:

Dear {{target_appropriate_greeting}},

As your valued constituent, I should not be put in a position of choosing between my safety and exercising my constitutional right to vote. I am writing to urge you to quickly provide $3.6 billion in emergency funding to ensure safe and healthy elections for Americans voting nationwide.

The COVID-19 pandemic has jeopardized the election process in ways previously unimaginable.

To save our elections, Congress must appropriate significantly more funding to support clean polling places, additional poll workers, early voting, and mail-in ballots. The $400 million provided by the CARES Act covers only 10 percent of the funds needed. Without full funding, our country will not be able to guarantee fair, secure, and safe elections in 2020.

Time is running out for states to make the changes needed to protect the integrity of our democracy. I ask you to act now, so I can safely vote this November.





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