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The Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program is a vital tool in helping the nonprofit sector attract, retain, and invest in its workforce. PSLF, created under the College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007, forgives the remaining balance on Direct Loans upon the completion of 120 qualifying monthly payments for individuals who work full-time for a qualifying employer. As a result of a recent program expansion, thousands of nonprofit employees can receive credits for past periods of repayment that would otherwise not qualify. These temporary expansions are set to expire on October 31, 2022.

This guide is designed to support nonprofit stakeholders who are eligible to enroll in the PSLF program or wish to have their employment at a qualifying organization certified.  Use the enclosed resources and the PSLF Help Tool to confirm your eligibility:

Custom Email Template: As a trusted source of information, nonprofits are uniquely positioned to inform our network about the actions nonprofit employers and staff must take to become eligible for PSLF or TEPSLF. This email template, developed by Independent Sector, can be used to support your outreach and education efforts.

A Nonprofit Perspective on Student Loan Relief Explainer: This one-page resource, developed by the National Council of Nonprofits provides a comprehensive analysis of the Biden Administration’s three-part student debt plan, including the temporary PSLF waiver, cancellation of some student debt for low- to middle-income borrowers, and changes to payment plans.

How-To-FAQs for PSLF Stakeholders: This resource, developed by Independent Sector and the National Council of Nonprofits, provides the ones and twos on PSLF how-to-dos. PSLF stakeholders can use this FAQ sheet when completing the application and certification processes.

Accessing Public Service Loan Forgiveness Webinar: This webinar was developed by the Student Borrower Protection Center (SBPC) and the National Council of Nonprofits (NCN) highlights updates to the PSLF program, guidance on how to navigate the new process, and frequently asked questions about accessing debt relief. (April 5, 2022)

How Can Loan Forgiveness Changes Help Nonprofit Workers Webinar: This special policy webinar, facilitated by Independent Sector and the U.S. Department of Education, provides guidance on how nonprofit stakeholders can navigate new opportunities announced April 19, 2022 to access loan forgiveness through Income-Driven Repayment Plans. (June 30, 2022)

PSLF Policy Recommendations: This resource, developed by the National Council of Nonprofits outlines policy solutions that seek to address the sector’s workforce shortage crisis and expand the opportunity for loan forgiveness for charitable nonprofit employees.

#PSLFWorks Messaging Framework: This resource, developed by Independent Sector, provides key talking points that nonprofit employers can use to develop a messaging framework to inform stakeholders and inspire action.

Comparison of Key PSLF Provisions: This comparison chart, developed by the National Council of Nonprofits, provides a detailed analysis of the regulatory changes proposed by the Department of Education would affect nonprofit employees if implemented.

PSLF Digital Toolkit: This toolkit encompasses digital resources developed by the National Council of Nonprofits, Independent Sector, and the Department of Education. Nonprofits can use the enclosed graphics to support their education, outreach, and engagement efforts.

This curated list of Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) resources was developed in partnership with Independent Sector and the National Council of Nonprofits.

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