A Short Guide to Impact Investing


The Case Foundation created “A Short Guide to Impact Investing” to provide information on the decisions that investors make as they choose investments by geography, asset class and sector. This guide champions the potential to build companies that provide both social and financial returns via impact investing and also includes profiles of successful impact ventures, funds and investors. As there are investors who may be interested in impact investing, but may not be sure how to get started, this guide provides a current resource that offers lessons learned, best practices, and strategies that can help those interested in this approach better understand the skills, vision and rigor of these efforts. A glossary of terms is also provided. This resource serves as a basic primer to help individuals better understand how business can drive social change and create social impact. Because little is known about the business side of many new models of philanthropy, this guide offers an overview and is intended to help individuals determine the right investment and what they will need to do to move toward meaningful, measurable impact.

Key Insights

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