A Multifaceted Look at Diversity: Why Outreach is not Enough

Heather Berthoud, The Journal of Volunteer Administration

This report introduces the Diversity Diamond, a five-part model of organizational diversity that provides a helpful overview of the dimensions that nonprofits should consider in their diversity and inclusion efforts. The report outlines the rationale and impact of focusing on each of the five dimensions (self-awareness, interactions, organizational culture, external relations, continuous learning) as a way to improve organizational diversity.

When organizations start their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, they often focus on recruiting and retaining diverse staff, yet this is only one part of a successful effort. Your organization knows that representation is important, but it will only improve your numbers, not the quality of your work or the impact of your mission. And more importantly, it is not a compelling enough reason for your staff to commit to staying over the long term. The Diversity Diamond outlines how your organization can build a broad and deep approach that makes staff and stakeholders feel valued, respected and safe. It is a clear, practical and easy way to understand a roadmap for starting this complex work.

Global Topics: Race, Equity, and Inclusion
Focus Areas: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Resource Types: Publication