Apply or Nominate a Candidate Who:

  • Supports unmet needs & advocacy for underrepresented communities
  • Supports small business or entrepreneurs with financial literacy or workforce development

  • Support nature-based solutions or climate-focused innovations on a community level

Deadline is Monday, March 27, 2023 at 11:59pm PT.

About The Program

The program centers on six results designed to advance your leadership capacity. At the end of the experience, the Fellows cohort will have furthered their ability to: 

  • Use self-awareness of their purpose, influence, values, leadership styles, assets and support to engage and collaborate effectively.
  • Analyze and address disparities using a racial equity lens of the who, what, and how of their social change work.
  • Expand and share adaptive leadership skills to engage in difficult conversations; solve divisive, complex problems with others; and manage change.
  • Understand how to use a results-based, data-driven practice to define impact, develop strategies, measure performance, and be accountable for results.
  • Develop an analysis of system change levers, such as public policy, needed to achieve desired results, and tools and tactics for moving those levers.
  • Engage a network of peers who support their leadership and results and gain access to influential leaders who can support their development and impact.

These results serve as a foundational framing to accelerate peer learning among cohort members. This isn’t your typical nonprofit leadership bootcamp with a ton of technical knowledge consumption. Instead, you will work with your peers through activities and discussions to deepen one another’s practice of core program results.

This program is generously supported by: