Kirk Holbrook

Director, Community Engagement Center
University of Pittsburgh

Kirk Holbrook began his career at the University of Pittsburgh in 2018 as director of the  Community Engagement Center [CEC] in the Hill District. Prior to this role, he enjoyed more than a decade in youth programming and educational advocacy, in addition to serving in state government as a district office chief of staff.

As Director of the CEC, Holbrook is charged with facilitating relationships between the community and the university. His role is collaborative, seeking to connect with people across boundaries to develop community initiatives and partnerships.Holbrook was appointed to the Pittsburgh Public Schools’ Equity Advisory Panel in 2018, was named as one of the upcoming leaders in the field of education by Incline Magazine in 2019 and was appointed as a Remake Learning ambassador in 2022.

Holbrook believes that working together to weave a connective thread in civil society between non-profit organizations, anchor institutions and the private sector, we can develop targeted strategies, programs and initiatives to directly counteract legacies of inequity in inner-city black and brown communities. Holbrook does the work he does to ensure that every child and family has an opportunity to actualize their full potential, regardless of the zip code in which they reside.