Research Round Robin: September 2021

Each month, Independent Sector collects research with broad sector relevance to share with you. September’s research contains important insights into civic engagement, the effect of COVID-19 on the nonprofit workforce, and nonprofit compensation levels.

New Report Highlights Civic Engagement in Maryland and the U.S.

The Do Good Institute and the Civic Innovation Center have released their latest report regarding service, voting, and trust. They found that Maryland ranks in the top half of all states for volunteering, giving to charity, participating in groups, and voting in national elections. They also found that Maryland ranks in the top 25 for electoral indicators except for voting in local elections. There are many other interesting findings from this report on Maryland residents based on six civic indicators: service, political action, participating in a group, social connectedness, staying informed, and trust and confidence in institutions.

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The Colorado Nonprofit Association Reflects on the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic

It is no question the pandemic hit the nonprofit sector hard and there were many resources on how to support nonprofit organizations across the nation. However, the Colorado Nonprofit Association recognized there was not as much attention on the nonprofit workforce. Earlier in 2021, they conducted a survey about this workforce. This report provides a different perspective, diving into the human experience and offering direct insight from workers. It is informative for those trying to carry out their mission and create community impact.

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Candid Presents Key Takeaways From Their 2021 Nonprofit Compensation Report

In September 2021, Candid published one of the most comprehensive nonprofit compensation studies available. Some of their findings surround median executive compensation, CEO compensation by gender, compensation by region, and compensation comparison between science and health organizations vs. religious institutions. According to Candid, it is the only large-scale analysis of its kind based entirely on data reported to the IRS.

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The research summaries above are by no means an exhaustive list of the newest information out there to help us better understand the nonprofit landscape. Did we miss a report you think we should know about and share? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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