Meet Our 2019 NGen Leadership Award Finalists and Vote for the Winner!

Following a nomination process that began in May, and a rigorous review of more than 100 nominations from emerging changemakers by IS staff and our Selection Advisory Group, we are proud to present our six outstanding finalists for the 2019 NGen Leadership Award!


James Dold

Human Rights for Kids
Washington, DC

Fighting for the rights of children, particularly those who have been marginalized, victimized, and forgotten, drives James’ work to end the broad spectrum of child abuse and ensure “that every child has hope and love.”


Megan Jacobs

Truth Initiative
Washington, DC

Responding to the concerns of young people on social media about the dangers of vaping, Megan’s groundbreaking text message program offers guidance, including how to quit, to help them “live their best lives addiction free.”


Rochelle Keyhan

Collective Liberty
Washington, DC

Rochelle’s work to stop human trafficking, which she began as a prosecutor in Philadelphia, focuses on ensuring that law enforcement officers and other partners “have the tools they need to end trafficking, from data and technology to cultural training.”

Silvia Paz

Alianza Coachella Valley
Coachella, CA

Growing up in Coachella Valley, Silvia knows first-hand about the unmet needs of rural immigrant communities, and now strives to show how communities can be transformed, working with “residents and nonprofits to tackle inequities in our region together.”


Lindsay Torrico

United Way Worldwide
Alexandria, VA

Lindsay is applying multiple approaches to increase civic engagement and build the capacity of local United Ways not only to advocate for the people they serve, but also to empower them to advocate for themselves and to create community-driven solutions.

Caroline Whistler

Third Sector
San Francisco, CA

By supporting public leaders in focusing on outcomes, rather than delivery of services “that may or may not work” in communities, Caroline says Third Sector seeks to “shift decision-making power toward the people being served.”

Now it’s your turn to get acquainted with each one – and cast your vote for the winner. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to the voting page.
  • Watch each finalist’s 60-second video about their work and its impact on the community they serve.
  • Join the finalists’ Twitter Town Hall on August 22 and learn even more about them as they respond to questions and issues raised.
  • Vote for your choice for the award winner.
  • You may vote once each day until voting closes. Feel free to promote your choice for award winner by sharing on social media.

And join us for Upswell Chicago, November 13-15, where we’ll announce the NGen Leadership Award winner!

Voting closes Friday, August 23 at 11:59pm PDT. So vote now!

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