March IS Member Anniversaries

Independent Sector’s members represent the variety of ways that working toward the common good happens in our country, and they reflect an array of unique visions for making a better tomorrow.

Each month, we also get to ring in a number of member-versaries. Check out this month’s anniversaries and spend some time learning more about each of these organizations!

5 years

Columbia University School of Professional Studies

Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies serves learners of a wide age range—from high school and pre-college students, to continuing learners well into careers. Among the school’s 16 master’s programs is its M.S. program for Nonprofit Management. The program specializes in equipping current and emerging nonprofit leaders to excel in their careers across disciplines—whether they work in global or local organizations, operating foundations, higher education, healthcare, the arts, or in a fundraising capacity in any sector. The nonprofit management program is led by Academic Director Cindy Lott.

Learn more | Twitter: @Columbia_SPS | Facebook: Columbia University School of Professional Studies | Follow Cindy Lott: @cindymlott

Chicago Run

Chicago Run’s five-year anniversary as an Independent Sector member coincides with its 10-year anniversary as an organization! We’ve been fortunate to keep in close touch with its leader, Alicia Gonzalez, the organization’s founder and executive director who is also a 2014 alumna of our American Express NGen Fellow Program. Chicago Run uses play, physical activity, nutrition programs, and community events as a holistic way of fostering health in elementary and middle schools throughout Chicago. Currently, Chicago Run’s two programs serve 17,500 students (50 schools in 32 neighborhoods)—an impressive output for a full-time staff of 12 plus a few part-time coaches!

Learn more | Twitter: @Chicago_Run | Facebook: Chicago Run | Follow Alicia Gonzalez: @aliciachirun

3 years


The world would be a bleak place without dance. Dance/USA knows this and takes the notion even further. The national leadership organization believes that dance is essential to a healthy society and ensures that its field’s professionals and educators are equipped to continue their important work. Like many of the national organizations serving the arts, Dance/USA is a great champion for their field in the advocacy space. As proof, check out our conversation with Brandon Gryde from around this time last year for an episode of our public policy podcast. Gryde has served as the director of government relations for both Dance/USA and Opera America since 2011. Also serving Dance/USA since 2011 is the organization’s executive director, Amy Fitterer. Fitterer herself was formally trained in ballet and classical piano before moving into the performing arts space as an eminent advocate and leader.

Learn more | Twitter: @DanceUSAorg | Facebook: Dance/USA | Follow Amy Fitterer: @a_fitterer | Follow Brandon Gryde: @bgryde

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