Independent Sector CFO Receives National Award

(WASHINGTON, December 11, 2015) – Independent Sector is proud to announce that our chief financial officer, Carolyn Mollen, has received a national award as an outstanding CFO of a nonprofit 40 or under.

Carolyn Mollen, who has been with IS since 2011 will receive the 2016 Nonprofit CFO Rising Star Award at the 2016 Nonprofit CFO of the Year Awards Luncheon on February 5, 2016 in Washington, DC. Carolyn is receiving the award for playing a major leadership role, supporting the executive director, with significant initiatives in the development of their nonprofit.

“We are thrilled that Carolyn has been honored with the Rising Star Award,” said Candy Hill, interim co-CEO and vice president of communications and marketing at Independent Sector. “She has had a lasting impact on Independent Sector, not just in finance, but across the entire organization. She truly is an inspiration and an excellent example for her colleagues.”

Carolyn began at Independent Sector as a controller before being promoted to CFO in January 2015. In that time, she has provided stellar leadership for the finance department and the IS senior management team, and has guided the organization through its current transition as we look to hire a new president and CEO.

The Nonprofit CFO Rising Star Award is given each year along with the Nonprofit CFO of the Year and the Nonprofit CFO Transformational Leader awards. The CFO Awards recognize the often unsung leadership role CFOs have in the important works nonprofits do, working generally behind the scene as a key supporter of the executive director, to keep the organization moving forward. The program is hosted in joint partnership with Association TRENDS, Tate & Tryon and West, Lane & Schlager Realty Advisors. Learn more at


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