Our Common Future Weekly Roundup – September 11

Each Monday through October 23, we’ll be sharing a weekly roundup of the latest news and stories from Our Common Future.

With six weeks to go until changemakers from all over the country gather in Detroit this October 25-27, here are some of the past week’s highlights from the Our Common Future blog.

Come Experience Detroit, through Detroit Experience

Learn about the Detroit Experience at Our Common Future! This Thursday night tour is an opportunity for Our Common Future attendees to get out and experience firsthand what makes Detroit so unique—from its artistic past and present to the renaissance leading to its economic sustainability today.

Structuring Play at Our Common Future

Get ready to play! Angela Rognesues, Executive Director of Playworks Michigan, speaks to the virtues of structured play for bringing out the best in both children and adults. Learn about how play will be embedded throughout the Our Common Future experience!

The Detroit Overture (Main Stage / Day One)

Preview what’s on deck for the main stage on the first day of Our Common Future. Prepare to have your imagination unlocked by the spirit and passion of Detroit, and these main stage visionaries and performers.

Speaking Truth to Power to Solve Problems (Main Stage / Day Two)

Learn about two outstanding we will be honoring on the main stage at the second day of Our Common Future. Find out why we can’t wait for this dynamic conversation between two accomplished leaders–Rosanne Haggerty and Sarah Eagle Heart–with a Putlizer-prize winning journalist!

Detroit Inside & Out: Sustainability Tour Artesian Farms and Michigan Urban Farming Initiative

Learn about how two Detroit neighborhoods have reinvented themselves with a sustainable focus, then visit two of them–Brightmoor and Detroit’s North End–for stops at Artesian Farms and Michigan Urban Farming Initiative’s sites on this Detroit Inside & Out tour.

Visions for Our Common Future – September 10

Every Sunday, we collect some of the most timely and thought-provoking media we can find the visionaries that will be at Our Common Future for our weekly Visions newsletter. Check out this week’s, featuring Doug Hattaway, Sphinx Organization musician Hannah White, and MOCAD (Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit).

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