AB Charities: Helping Nonprofits Grow Grassroots Fundraising

AB Charities, the charitable arm of the ActBlue family of organizations, is dedicated to helping nonprofits build small-dollar fundraising programs. AB Charities is a nonprofit and runs an online fundraising platform where organizations can build custom contribution forms and fundraise from grassroots donors.

We spoke with Betty Cao, Assistant Director for Movement, Issue, and Charitable Organizations, at AB Charities to learn more.

IS: Tell us about your organization’s areas of interest, the community or communities you serve, and how your work relates to the goal of a healthy nonprofit sector.

Illustration courtesy of AB Charities

BC: AB Charities is focused on helping other nonprofits make an impact by building robust grassroots fundraising programs. Nonprofits on AB Charities receive the same cutting-edge fundraising tools and dedicated support as groups who use ActBlue.

We believe small-dollar donor support can revolutionize how nonprofits work: It makes them more sustainable and independent so they can focus on their missions. Grassroots support also creates stronger connections between organizations and the communities they serve. Our staff of digital fundraising experts specialize in many issue areas, and as a result they can assist nonprofits doing all kinds of work. We equip nonprofits with the tools and training they need to fund and sustain their work for the long haul.

Overall, we envision a democracy where everyone looking to make people-powered change can easily and effectively deploy their resources, energy, and creativity to shape our country and futures!

IS: As an Independent Sector community member, what are you looking forward to that will help your organization better achieve your mission and serve your community?

BC: We’re excited to collaborate with member organizations that want to build the most successful grassroots fundraising programs possible. We also look forward to learning more about the unique challenges and successes nonprofits encounter when it comes to sustainable and inclusive funding.

Independent Sector’s members bring valuable perspectives about the nonprofit sphere and movement building, as a whole, and as a nonprofit ourselves, we look forward to being part of this educational and inspiring space!

IS: What are some of your organization’s core or special programs that support people and help make your community and the nonprofit sector stronger?

Illustration courtesy of AB Charities

BC: Our daily work is supporting nonprofits in building grassroots fundraising programs. We serve as thought partners for nonprofits of all sizes and budgets that want to build or grow grassroots supporter bases through building genuine horizontal relationships and using the best digital strategy. Our dedicated team of digital fundraising experts are ready to help with account management, online fundraising strategies, and more.

For special programs, in 2019 we started an educational series during the fall leading up to Giving Tuesday and through end-of-year fundraising: Grassroots Your Giving Season! We share tips for centering small-dollar donors during giving season, with actionable advice on growing your email list, engaging your board members, writing a fundraising pitch, and more. This is for nonprofits of all issue areas and sizes. We’re excited to continue Grassroots Your Giving Season this year and you can find new tips and tricks at blog.abcharities.com.

IS: Independent Sector brings together a diverse community of changemakers to strengthen civil society and ensure all people in the United States thrive. How does your work intersect with Independent Sector’s mission and our member organizations?

BC: We joined Independent Sector because we saw a great opportunity for us to learn and engage with other organizations within the nonprofit community. Small-dollar fundraising programs help sustain a nonprofit’s work for the long haul, bring in new members to an organization’s cause, and give people of all backgrounds the opportunity to be part of the movements and issues that affect their lives. We saw this aligning with Independent Sector’s mission of bringing together a diverse community working for change.

IS: Tell us about aspects of your work that help support or advance creating a healthier sector and racially equitable and just nation.

BC: We believe in the positive power of grassroots fundraising. Grassroots fundraising puts people first. It makes donating more accessible, holds nonprofits more accountable to the folks they serve, and allows nonprofits to sustain their important work.

At AB Charities, we want to put power and our tools in the hands of people across the country. Grassroots donors can navigate our platform and connect to the causes they care about easily and effectively. We want to create an opportunity for every nonprofit to thrive and find their supporters. We’re very proud to work alongside so many nonprofits with a variety of issue areas, from human and civil rights, to health care access, to environmental justice — all working toward a brighter future for our country.

What else would you like to add that we haven’t asked?

BC: AB Charities is a member of the ActBlue family of organizations. Since 2004, millions of grassroots donors have raised more than $9 billion across our fundraising platform for thousands of groups! We are always eager to help more organizations create small-dollar programs. We can assist with growing your email list, strengthening your peer-to-peer fundraising asks, setting long-term fundraising goals, creating contribution forms, and more. If you are interested, please sign up for a strategy call to chat more about your goals and how we can support you.

AB Charities builds powerful tools that make it easy for nonprofits to run modern fundraising programs online. Find out more about how AB Charities makes it easy to fuel advocacy. The top illustration is courtesy of AB Charities. Learn about other Independent Sector members and becoming a member.

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