4 Reasons to Advocate During August Recess

  1. Policymakers want and need to hear from you.

    Elected officials care what their constituents have to say more than anyone else. Yes, even more than consultants. Their jobs depend on listening to you because your vote puts them in office.

  2. As an employee or volunteer in the charitable community, you are the expert.

    According to a 2016 Independent Sector report, United for Charity, 87 percent of American voters agree with the following statement: “When policymakers face decisions on issues like homelessness, poverty, or literacy, they should hear from those who work on the ground every day with these communities. Charities have experts in so many fields, and our elected officials should consider their perspective in the policy making process.”

  3. Visiting Members of Congress in person actually makes a difference.

    August Recess is a great time to visit your members of Congress when they are back in their home districts. In fact, according to the Congressional Management Foundation, 94 percent of congressional staff surveyed said constituent visits to the district/state office have some or a lot of influence on an undecided Member of Congress. Call their offices and get an appointment to visit them or their staff, participate in a town hall or other public event, or invite them to visit your organization and see your work firsthand.

  4. Independent Sector is here to help.

    You know what issues matter most to you, and as outlined above, you are the experts in those areas. Independent Sector is here to help you be the most effective advocate possible, whether advocating for your mission-related issues or sector-spanning issues such as expanding the charitable deduction to increase giving, keeping the Johnson Amendment in place to protect nonprofit nonpartisanship, or urging policymakers to pass a budget that strengthens families and communities. Next week, we’ll release a full August Recess Toolkit for your use as an advocate, but in the meantime, keep up with the latest policy updates by reading the IS blog or listening to the 100 Days for Good podcast.

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