Story Matters

If you believe that story matters…

At your organization, the mission is clear. You feed the hungry or house the homeless. You protect the environment. You give kids a better chance to succeed in school and in life.

At Independent Sector, we believe it’s just as important to tell our collective story as changemakers. Why does America need the nonprofit sector? What difference are we making? What would empower us to do our work even better?

Now more than ever, a unified sector narrative would help to raise funds, persuade policymakers, and increase impact. When the nonprofit sector thrives, America thrives. If you believe that story matters, then we need you to help us tell it – more clearly, more broadly, and more loudly.

How to Get Involved

1. Share the Video

Share the video across all your social channels! Use the hashtag #storymatters to help us build awareness.

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2. Get the Framework

Sign up to receive a messaging framework. Developed with Ogilvy and Springboard Partners, these messaging planks will help you connect your mission to the larger story of the nonprofit sector.

3. Learning Community

If you are a nonprofit professional, director level or above, working in communications, policy or resource development, consider joining a learning community to pilot the sector narrative in early 2019. Meeting virtually for 1.5 hours every other week, the learning community will share their experiences using the narrative framework so that it can be refined before a broader release. The learning community will also conduct a racial equity analysis in the framework and make recommendations for how it may be changed. Lastly, the work of the learning community will seed a repository for how the sector narrative framework can be used in public communications, policy and resource development deliverables.

To join, please email