Civic Infrastructure Week of Action

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Monday, June 28 - Thursday, July 1, 2021 12:00 PM - 12:00 PM (ET)

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There is no economic recovery without civic infrastructure. It is long past time policymakers recognize the essential role that charitable nonprofits play in meeting our public health and economic crisis. Since our inception, nonprofits have served as the bridge between government and community – a role that has ultimately defined America.

21st-century problems require 21st-century solutions that enable all people to actively engage as stakeholders in civic and community life. Negotiations for the forthcoming infrastructure package are currently underway.

As a reliable and trusted source of information, you are the best messenger to educate your nonprofit network and their constituents. Join our Civic Infrastructure Week of Action, June 28 – July 1 to ensure that Congress invests in assets that enable nonprofits to fulfill their mission of building equitable communities where all people can thrive.

Use the following toolkits and resources to support your advocacy and mobilization efforts:

Daily Actions

Monday, June 28: High-Quality and Affordable Child Care
The rapid decline of the child care system will prevent employees across all industry sectors from returning to the workforce full-time. An adequate child care system not only benefits working families, but also serves as a lifeline that drives revenue for local economies throughout every industry market. American workers shouldn’t be forced to choose between caring for loved ones and their livelihoods.

Individual Advocates: Urge Congress To Invest Federal Resources to Support Child Care Stabilization.

Nonprofit Advocates: Mobilize your network today to inform policymakers about the vital role that child care plays in sustaining gainful employment for every workforce across all industries and sectors.

Tuesday, June 29: Globally Competitive Workforce
A globally competitive workforce is the foundation upon which the American economy is built. A significant investment in talent development and procurement must be secured to reduce barriers to employment and economic opportunity. The state of the current labor market and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have left millions permanently laid off or displaced from the workforce.

Individual Advocates: Urge Congress To Prioritize Robust Workforce Investments To Ensure Economic Resilience.

Nonprofit Advocates: Mobilize your network today to educate lawmakers about the long-standing economic benefits of large-scale infrastructure investments that support workforce development.

Wednesday, June 30: Equitable Broadband Deployment
The debate on whether internet access is a luxury or an essential component for survival is over. The digital divide is an equity issue that exacerbates disparities nationwide. Accessible broadband plays a vital role in addressing critical needs, developing community solutions, and sustaining countless services that are essential to everyday life. Systemic investment to increase access to broadband services is needed to ensure vital services are accessible to all during such unprecedented times.

Individual Advocates: Urge Congress To Invest in Equitable Broadband Expansion.

Nonprofit Advocates: Mobilize your network today to ensure that the global pandemic does not further isolate or neglect marginalized communities in greatest need.

Thursday, July 1: Clean Transit & Mobility
Public transportation ensures access to vital components of daily life that enable cities, rural areas, and communities at-large to operate independently and efficiently. As a sector committed to uplifting communities of color, charitable nonprofits must promote enshrining public transit as valuable infrastructure to enhance the quality of life through equitable access to mobility and economic opportunity. Effective delivery of nonprofit services requires clean, healthy, and equitable transit infrastructure.

Individual Advocates:  Urge Congress To Invest in A Federal Transportation Program That Supports Today’s Economic, Social, and Environmental Demands.

Nonprofit Advocates: Mobilize your network today to inform policymakers about the role that clean and equitable transportation plays in creating a civil society where everyone has an equal opportunity to reach their full potential.