Take Action: 4 Ways You Can Reshape Infrastructure Right Now

Right now, Congress is making once-in-a-generation decisions that could fundamentally reshape how nonprofit missions succeed or fail. Our sector and our society need roads and bridges to move forward, but they also need civic infrastructure – the investments and assets that let nonprofits lead social change so all people can thrive.

There are still a lot of questions about precisely how infrastructure legislation will come together, but there is NO question about what our community can accomplish if we raise our voices. There are four critical messages that you can send to your legislators today with just a few clicks.


Make Child Care Funding an Infrastructure Priority

Without funding for child care, a significant proportion of nonprofit employees could be forced to reduce their hours or leave the workforce altogether – damaging their mission now and in the years to come.


Support Broadband Funding in Infrastructure Legislation

The digital divide exacerbates disparities in rural and urban areas alike, and those served by nonprofits are more dependent than ever on reliable internet to access services.


Make Clean, Healthy and Equitable Transit an Infrastructure Priority

The pandemic disproportionately impacted communities served by nonprofits because of environmental conditions, and effective delivery of core nonprofit services requires clean, healthy, and equitable transit infrastructure.


Make Workforce Development an Infrastructure Priority

Nonprofit jobs led the way out of the most recent recession, and nonprofits serve as the vehicle to help individuals develop the necessary skills to get back to work.

To truly address these 21st-century problems, society needs 21st-century solutions that enable all people to actively engage as stakeholders in civic and community life. Partisan barbs may continue to fly in the media, but many aspects of this civic and community infrastructure agenda have strong bipartisan support.

Please take 60 seconds today to turn that support into critical investments for a thriving future.

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