State of Work: Stories from the Movement to Advance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

D5 Coalition

This report features stories about leaders in foundations and other philanthropic organizations taking meaningful action to advance diversity, inclusion and equity efforts. Many times, when doing this work, your focus is on creating policies, practices and programs. But in the midst of those efforts, the human aspect is often unintentionally swept aside. Every year since 2010, the D5 Coalition has released a report that tracks the progress of the philanthropic sector’s diversity, inclusion and equity efforts. Each report has targeted a different aspect of these efforts; in this final edition in the series, D5 Coalition focuses on the human side of diversity, inclusion and equity work, reminding us that people are the greatest beneficiaries of the work and that it’s not just about policies, programs, and strategies. These stories and the lessons they contain about how to lead an institution through essential changes and processes can guide you in your efforts to ensure relevance, impact, and sustainability in an increasingly diverse and complex context. Portions of this report can also be found on Medium:

Global Topics: Race, Equity, and Inclusion
Focus Areas: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Resource Types: Publication