Has “Diversity” Lost Its Meaning?

Has “Diversity” Lost Its Meaning?

This opinion piece discusses the overuse of the word ‘diversity’ and how its meaning has become confusing and diluted. It cites examples from both the tech and publishing sectors, where progress on diversity and inclusion initiatives has been unexpectedly slow. One reason for this, according to the author, is the lack of a clear and shared definition among leaders and staff of what ‘diversity’ really means. Nonprofits should heed this article because we often dilute the definition of diversity by incorrectly assuming that everyone at the table shares the same definition and a common language. When your organization begins its work on diversity, inclusion and equity, the first task is to define what these terms mean for your organization; everyone has to be on the same page in order to proceed and succeed. You can use common definitions as a starting point, but your organization will have to put them in the proper context for your organization to benefit from diversity and inclusion work. Doing this first step sets your organization on a strong and strategic path that can result in a diverse and inclusive workplace.

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