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Independent Sector

Call-to-Action Messages to Advocates:


Subject Line: Act now to ensure that all Americans have access to life-sustaining internet services


Issue Summary: Legislative negotiations for the next COVID-19 relief package continue. Nonprofits must act swiftly to ensure that millions of underserved Americans have broadband access to connect to loved ones, essential needs, and countless nonprofit services. Take action today to ensure the communities you serve can fully participate in society.


Call-to-Action Email to Individual Advocates:

Dear {Name},


The debate on whether internet access is a luxury or an essential component for survival is over. The digital divide is an equity issue that exacerbates disparities around educational achievement, civic participation, economic mobility, and countless other nonprofit priorities. With COVID-19 cases predicted to fluctuate in the coming months, increasing access to internet and digital services is critical.

In 2019, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reported that 21.3 million Americans lack access to broadband availability. Communities served by the nonprofit sector have become increasingly dependent on reliable internet to access distance learning and workforce requirements, telemedicine needs, job searches, unemployment resources, public health tools, religious assemblies, cultural programs, and more. To ensure that the ongoing pandemic does not further isolate or neglect marginalized communities in most need, Congress must provide a minimum of $15 billion in the forthcoming relief package to support broadband deployment and bridge the digital divide.

While the systemic fixes needed to permanently close the digital divide in this nation may be beyond the scope of the forthcoming relief package, a significant investment to expand access to critical, life-sustaining services is an attainable and necessary measure that must be taken to improve the quality of life. Take 60 seconds to send an automated letter to your Member of Congress.





Thank You:

Thank you {{contact_first_name}} for supporting our efforts to bridge the digital divide by expanding broadband access to our nation’s most vulnerable communities. We urge you to share this information with your personal and professional networks to encourage others to take action today!


Letter to Congress:


Dear {{target_appropriate_greeting}},


The digital divide is an issue that exacerbates disparities in rural and urban areas alike. Communities served by nonprofits are increasingly dependent on reliable internet to access a variety of charitable services, including public health information, telemedicine, unemployment resources, education, artistic inspiration, religious services, and more.  While the CARES Act’s initial investment of $50 million to provide internet service, devices and tech support was a step in the right direction, more emergency funding is required to meet community needs during such unprecedented times.

Specifically, I urge Congress to invest a minimum of $15 billion in emergency funds in forthcoming relief legislation to support broadband internet access: $12 billion to close the homework gap through connected devices and hotspots, $3 billion for emergency home connectivity, $200 million for telemedicine grants, and $24 million for broadband mapping.

Affordable and accessible broadband is a necessity for all, regardless of race, income or geographic location. As a constituent and an advocate for nonprofits—the nation’s third largest employer—I implore you to take swift action to resolve this longstanding inequity. The nonprofit sector’s ability to serve communities in need during this pandemic hinges upon your willingness to ensure access to critical, life-sustaining internet services.




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