Charities know every donation and every donor are critically important to improving our communities. We also know communicating the value of charitable gifts to donors is vital to encourage future giving. Currently, only the 10% of households that file itemized tax returns each year receive a tangible reminder from the federal government that their gifts count. It is time for Congress to send the same message to the remaining 90% of Americans.

Expanding giving incentives to all taxpayers creates a fairer system that helps all Americans, regardless of income, give back to their communities. In turn, we can use this increase in giving to serve more people and achieve long-term change.

Congress must act before it is too late. We need to expand giving incentives, now, to reverse an alarming trend. The number of households donating to charity has been dropping for many years, particularly among low- and middle-income households. This declining investment in our missions not only creates problems, today, but also could close the pipeline for future giving.

This time of year–particularly as members of Congress are back in their home state or districts—is an ideal time to make your case for this vital policy priority.

Take Action Today

If you have not already done so, please act now! Contact your own members of Congress to tell them your organization and community need a fairer tax code that helps every American give to charity.

Use Our #EveryDonationCounts Toolkits

Policymakers and local nonprofits are more likely to take action when they hear about this issue from people in their own communities. So, we need your help telling policymakers how the current, unfair tax code may impact your organization’s ability to serve your community. You are also the best messenger to tell your peers and others in your network that we need Congress to act now.

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