2018: NGen Fellows / Upswell LA

The 2018 American Express NGen Fellows cohort presented at the inaugural Upswell in Los Angeles from November 14-16, 2018. Their presentation, “Strategies for Retaining Next Generation Leaders of Color,” demonstrated the importance of assessing nonprofit management techniques with an equity lens to further support and retain emerging leaders of color. The group presented on six challenges that emerging leaders of color face. Following the introduction of primary sources that prevent retention, they asked the 75-person audience to split up into groups to discuss a specific challenge area. As facilitators they invited audience members who struggle with a particular issue to join that respective table to discuss it and generate strategies for change. A full summary of their year-long engagement with each other and their Upswell presentation will be posted shortly.

To learn more about the cohort for the 2018 program, check out their bios.

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