About “Seat at the Table” Initiative

Seat at the Table, an initiative through the proposed executive order and the Nonprofit SEAT Act, would create permanent, structural mechanisms for the sector to help shape and improve federal policy, while also expanding opportunities for the government to work more effectively with the sector to achieve shared goals. 

The initiative would create a three-part structure to deepen this partnership.  

The White House Office on the Nonprofit Sector (ONS) and Interagency Council will coordinate within the federal government to ensure policies are designed with an understanding of the sector’s capacity to realize critical priorities in a way that maximizes the benefit to communities and our nation.  

The Advisory Board, made up of community-based and national nonprofit and philanthropic leaders, will consult with policymakers and provide critical insight on community and sector needs. 

Take Action

This campaign was established to ensure the nonprofit sector has a permanent seat at the decision-making table in the federal government. It’s also a campaign that focuses on ensuring that the communities and missions we serve are never an afterthought in the policy-making process.

We have a chance to make a real change, and we need you because we are stronger together. Add your organization to a letter of support for the legislation that will be shared with Congress.


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