Jorge Arteaga

Midwest Program Manager
Young Invincibles

Jorge Arteaga is the Midwest Program Manager for Young Invincibles, an advocacy organization that seeks to expand the economic opportunity for young adults, while engaging and uplifting their voices through the political process. Jorge is based in Chicago where he leads YI’s Illinois workforce development portfolio. In this role, Jorge has researched and engaged with young workers to understand what their needs and supports are to establish good quality jobs as they navigate the workforce.

Jorge previously worked as the US Programs Manager for Common Purpose, a global organization based out of the UK dedicated to developing the next generation of culturally intelligent leaders. Jorge led initiatives in Chicago and Boston that brought young adults together and challenged them to reimagine their city, creating a space for collaboration to dream and plan a community solution as a generation. In 2019, Jorge was selected to participate in the Obama Foundation Community Leadership Corps initiative where he collaborated and developed programming to address the mental health of high school students across Chicago Public Schools.

As a first-generation immigrant growing up in a single parent household, Jorge has experienced first hand the hardships that are faced by many which drives his passion for this work. Jorge is invested in uplifting and empowering communities to reach their full potential, and breaking down the systemic barriers in place that hold so many back.