Janelle Choi

Program Officer
Marguerite Casey Foundation

Janelle Choi is a Program Officer at Marguerite Casey Foundation and has led international and domestic grassroots-building organizations for more than a decade. Marguerite Casey Foundation seeks to build a national movement of low-income families; at the Foundation, Janelle works with low-wealth communities in the Midwest, central Appalachia and the South that stand-up against oppressive systems and advocate for structural change on their own behalf. Prior to Marguerite Casey Foundation, Janelle was the founding Executive Director of Slingshot Development Fund located in Burma. The $6 million fund was created to assist indigenous communities that had been devastated by multinational oil companies. After seven years under her leadership, she left Slingshot Development with a stronger funding capacity and robust grassroots infrastructure. She now serves as an advisor to the organization she founded as it continues to grow and innovate. Janelle received her BA from University of Washington and MA in Education from Seattle University.