Blair Glencorse

Executive Director
Accountability Lab

Blair Glencorse is leading a movement for accountability and integrity around the world through the Accountability Lab. The Lab works in communities to make governments more accountable and to open-up civic space- using the arts, media, culture and technology. Blair and his team have done everything from helping to found the first film school in Liberia to monitoring and improving public services in Pakistan to running a global TV show called Integrity Idol to “name and fame” honest government officials. Blair is also the co-founder of the first co-working and innovation space in Liberia and TEDxMonrovia; and an expert on anti-corruption with the World Economic Forum. Blair speaks regularly on issues of community engagement, leadership, citizen participation and governance; and his work has been published in the New York Times, Foreign Policy and the Guardian among other outlets.

Blair is a finalist for the 2017 American Express NGen Leadership Award.