Abby Sienkiewicz

Executive Director
Center for Nonprofit Excellence

Abby Laine Sienkiewicz is a social change agent, with a green thumb. Attending Western Michigan University, she received degrees in family studies and holistic health care while exploring a nonprofit career through prevention education programs. A Michigan native, Abby moved to Colorado in 2006 to serve the Girl Scouts through an AmeriCorps Fellowship. Over the past decade, she has developed arts education programs; helped start community gardens; managed building restoration with the State Historical Fund; and was Executive Director for FutureSelf. Abby currently serves as the Deputy Director for the Center for Nonprofit Excellence in Colorado Springs, wearing many hats on a daily basis. Whether gardening or building relationships, she creates environments for things to flourish. She connects people and businesses to nonprofits, is an advocate for the next generation of leaders, and is a champion for human rights. When she’s not nerding out on nonprofits, you can find her gardening, cooking, or adventuring with her husband, Michael, and dog, Ruby.